Friday, May 2, 2008

this will serve as a bit of a warning.....

Ok. As I get ready to start actually posting projects and recipes everyone needs to know the following:

1. I am not a photographer, most of my pictures will have the lovely backdrop of my dumpy apartment kitchen and cluttered counter.

2. I "follow" recipes so anything that post will only be a suggestion and I probably tweaked it a bit as I went or I was missing/substituting an ingredient. I also really enjoy cooking and baking and will not let this cause me to miss out on the relaxing and creative aspect of making food and treats for my friends and family.

3. I have been phasing out vegetarianism for a really long time, it was just recently that I truly pulled the trigger. I incorporated poultry and fish years ago but recently decided that meat tastes good and I like some of it. Fair and simple. So if you see a VERY rudimentary meaty dish remember that it is still new to me and I am learning....

Now that I have put a few more things out there, keep your eyes peeled for my foray into ice cream cake-cupcakes. I am currently working on The Cupcake Project Ice cream Cupcake Roundup.

Stay tuned!

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