Sunday, March 15, 2009

Irish Soda Bread

In order to fortify the Hubbs for the opening of sanctioned outdoor drinking season in downtown Albany, AKA the St. Patrick's day parade, I made some holiday appropriate soda bread. This was a slightly modified version of Helen Doyle's Irish Soda Bread from Cooking Light. I skipped the caraway seeds and used a mix of milk and buttermilk as to extend the buttermilk a bit. It came together very quickly and did not suffer for me skipping the quick knead. I really felt that kneading something only 3-4 times was not worth making the floury giant kneading mess.
From the best that I can tell the Hubbs survived the parade (I had to miss it). I can't say that my lovingly made soda bread actually helped but I would like to think it did.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry for the whole lot of nothing....

I have not abandoned my sweet little blog, it is just that a lot of things are lining up so that there is very little to post.

There was some fun bacon toffee made for a birthday soiree, but someone (cough, Hubbs looking in your general direction) deleted all of the pictures on the camera. It was wicked tasty and allowed me to conquer my fear of the candy thermometer. It was inspired by a post by Foodie With Family. If you want pictures and the low-down it is all there. And it was totally had not to just eat this toffee for every meal, matter of fact we may have bookended every meal and snack with the nummy bits of sugary-bacony-goodness.

I also have been traveling for work and some family stuff and was hoping for some wonderful meals or restaurants to post about, however it really just didn't happen. I had a full week of rather mediocre food, not to many gems in the lot.

Keep an eye out for a few things to come.... I have a few things up my sleeve.