Monday, September 21, 2009

corn fritters aka I forgot that I really dislike frying things

We have been a bit backlogged on eating our farm share, we went out of town for a weekend and really got behind, leaving our household of two with eight ears of corn. To dispense with four of those ears I tried my hand at some corn fritters. They turned out pretty tasty plated up with some wilted tat soi and some ginger garlic chutney for the Hubbs. And I was quickly reminded how much I dislike frying. eating fried sure, making it no.


Anonymous said...

I got an oil splatter in the corner of my eye last week.

And a few weeks ago, while toasting spices in an oiled pan, a clove coated in boiling oil landed on my forearm.

Not to mention the oily residue that gets all over the stove and kitchen floor.

But fried foods are so good.
And it makes the cast iron so happy.

K8 said...

I did have a run in with one of the wee corn kernels that ended up chillin in the oil, when it popped not only was it as loud as a firecracker it sent greasy shrapnel into the kitchen.