Sunday, June 22, 2008


The other day I stumbled across a great post on Gild the Voodoolily, in which she reviewed a Salvadorian restaurant that looked totally amazing. Needless to say the there are no Salvadorian restaurants anywhere within reasonable driving distance...

Thus a kitchen experiment was found. While I did not make a full on Salvadorian menu, I tried my hand a Pupusas. These are essentially a little pancake made out of Masa harina and filled with virtually anything you want, generally a soft cheese and meat, or cheese and beans. We opted for the bean cheese combo because really how can you go wrong.

We initially had tough time getting the filling not to squeeze out when flattening, but we got it down. These are pretty labor intensive and I wish I could say that they were worth it. They were not especially bad, just unremarkable. The hubby was content to mow on them, after my first I was content to munch the leftover cheesy beans.

Sorry that there are no process pics, the camera was being a bit cranky. This is also why the final pic is a bit grainy and cruddy, camera phones can only do so much.

Hopefully I will get a chance for some fun feed posts over the next week or so. I will have about a week and a half off before my LAST CLASS in my masters.

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