Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring/Summer Rolls

In my little head spring rolls are smaller, made with wonton wrappers, and fried. Whereas summer rolls are bigger, "uncooked", and made with rice paper. Either way the terms are often, correctly or not, used interchangeable.

These are delicious and make for a light meal. We made these ones with assorted veggies and avocado or shrimp; then whipped up a choice of sauces. A soy garlic or a zesty peanut butter. They are slightly labor intensive with the rice paper but once you get going it is a snap. We have also set up all the fillings and sauces and had a summer roll party. Much like a baked potato bar but with summer rolls, fun but slightly messy. This meal made me remember that I really like these and should keep these as a "go to" lunch or dinner.

There are tons of recipes and tutorials on making these on the interweb, so I will save you the pain of my poorly executed instructions.

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