Sunday, August 23, 2009

home made cheese and a giant sandwich

I recently made the kitchen foray into making cheese. I can honestly say it was pretty cool and way easier that I would have thought. It was like a science experiment that suddenly results in cheese. Specifically a shiny wonderful ball of mozzarella.

Although the poor tomatoes in the northeast are being sadly taken out by blight, the few that have made it have been amazingly tasty and worth the hearty price tag. At the Troy Farmers Market I picked up some delicious tomato beauties from Slack Hollow Farm. Those tomatoes were begging for a tryst with my fresh mozzarella, thus the giant sandwich was born. I found a nice looking loaf of ciabatta at the Coop, sliced it the long way and went to town caprese style.

Giant sandwich=awesome

side note- I was talking to my sister yesterday and she commented that her husband was making cheese, and I had to respond "oh I made some cheese this morning" Random.


Albany Jane said...

whhhaaaaat! Home made mozzarella sounds awesome! I've done paneer, but haven't mustered the guts to try anything more advanced - looks tasty, dude!

K8 said...

It really was super easy. I got a kit at Hennesey homebrew, it gives you the fixins to make 30 batches of either mozzarella or ricotta. in hindsight I could have gotten all of the stuff for like 4 dollars at the Coop. The trick is you need to find milk that has been minimally pasturized.