Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shrimp Boil

I really cannot claim any credit for the shrimp boil or even the inspiration. That I have to give credit to The Kitchen Sink. I simply saw the blog entry and said "hey that would be tasty", and after having a crap-tastic day I was determined to try and force a good evening. The only real tweak was the addition of a few crawfish that looked inviting at the market.


This was enjoyed with a few glasses of asti on our stoop to celebrate summer FINALLY arriving in the northeast. The Hubbs and I determined that this was tasty, messy, and did in fact improve the evening. Next time we would probably add in some spicy sausage as well and more people; we have a ton left over (but the Hubbs has a banner idea, so keep an eye out....)

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