Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kinderhook Farm Sirloin

We thawed out the sirloin from Kinderhook Farm and in an effort to truly see how the meat tastes I simply tossed it under the broiler. Nothing fancy, nothing to amp it up. All I can say is holy shit, this was delicious. Super tender, very flavorful, and not at all chewy but not in that funny mushy way that some mass produced meats can be. After cooking this up I am very much looking forward to chowing down on the rest of our meats that we got from the farm. Since I was cooking up the sirloin in the morning I made a right brekkie of steak and eggs for the Hubbs. I also will not deny that I "may" have gnawed the bit of meat that was on the bone after we sliced this baby up.

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