Monday, May 10, 2010

look at me I am a posting ninja... maple bacon snickerdoodles

Soooo, I was basically over work for the week by 8:30 this morning. This bodes poorly for the rest of the week, but when that happens it does give me ample time to day-dream about food. What, you don't do that? Basically if I ever need motivation for any sort of experiment or project, just have me get a touch bored at work, next thing you know I am researching how to debone a squab. Enter these cookies, what is funny about all of this is that for the last year or so I have totally lost my sweet tooth. Random cookies or frosting are just to much, my sweet tooth may have been replaced by a high quality ice cream and potato chip tooth. So, I like the concept and flavor combo of this, but they were crunchier than I prefer and was kinda of over it after one bite. If you want the recipe, I snagged it from Closet Cooking but added bacon, that kid makes some tasty grub. I did however cram the few pieces of bacon left over into my maw. On a similar note, I may have dropped a snickerdoodle dough-ball, destined for the sugar bowl for rolling, on the floor and had to retrieve the whole thing from the Saltine's mouth. FYI, I opted not to cook that one. P.S. we got a super cute dog.

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happy eater said...

Your dog is indeed supercute! I daydream about food when work gets boring too, and that's usually how I end up at your blog. I hope you keep posting, cause my work is really boring right now! :)