Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kinderhook Farm

In our goal to try and have most of our meats come from local-ish and happily raised animals we took the jaunt out to Valatie NY to check out Kinderhook Farm. I was a gorgeous day and perfect for a short trip. The farm store was small, just a few freezers of meat and a fridge with their eggs. The eggs, by the way, were totally beautiful light green, browns, and tan; sadly we had just gone shopping so we had about a dozen and a half already hanging in the fridge at home. We called Georgia, one of the owners, she met us at the store and helped us out. After chatting for a bit we decided on a nice brisket, sirloin, and some marrow bones. Everything comes frozen but according to the website you can call ahead and they will pull stuff out of the deep freeze to start defrosting in advance of your visit. The super friendly and helpful Georgia took us on a quick tour of the farm where they were in the early days of "lambing" which meant there were oodles of wee day-old lambs just cold-chillin with their moms. There was also a brandy-new calf that had been born the day before as well.

As far as the meat, we have not had any of it yet. I will definitely post on that once we bust into the stash.

Oh, and as far as posting, which I suck-diddly-uk-at, my new goal is to wow you all with at least one post a week. This should help "goal orient" stuff a bit more. Here is hoping it works!

Mommy sheep

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